Grace Lutheran School: Where academic excellence meets spiritual significance

     These pages offer an experience into a school unlike any other. Grace Lutheran School (GLS) is a Christian school, private school, parochial school, and Lutheran school.

     GLS has strong academics, a rich spiritual emphasis, an outstanding fine arts program, foreign language, full athletic offerings, clubs, and more.

     For over 50 years, GLS has been the school of choice in Pinellas County and the St. Petersburg, Florida area through a commitment to the families and students we feel honored to serve.

About Us



From the inception of Grace Lutheran Church - St. Petersburg in 1927, opening a quality grade school was the prayerful and formidable goal. That dream became a reality when GLS opened the first classes on August 31, 1956. Curriculum for GLS was carefully researched and based on the philosophy that our excellence reflects God’s glory, a quality curriculum was selected to place GLS in a place of prominence among Pinellas County Schools.


GLS has not wavered from their commitment to Christian Education and believes they are, and will continue to be, among the many schools setting a trend of educational superiority in this state and beyond. The school will continue to relentlessly pursue academic, technological, fine arts, and athletic excellence until they are considered the school of choice in Pinellas County and held up as a standard for school excellence and academic achievement.


Grace Lutheran School is a vital part of the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church. Our church is one of more than 6,300 congregations that make up the 2.7 million members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Our church body operates the largest system of Protestant parochial schools in the United States: 1,400 early childhood centers; 1,000 elementary schools; and, 100 high schools serve a total of almost 300,000 students.