Commitment to Excellence

We believe in teaching children to respect and honor Christ as leaders of their own self-awareness, and submitting to His commandments. We follow a curriculum founded in the study of the Bible and which exemplifies the example of following God the Father that is the standard throughout the life of Jesus Christ. Valuing academic excellence by studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, our students are given insight into the purpose and meaning of the subjects that are being studied and discussed in the classroom.

Exceeding Expectations

Meeting and (in many instances) exceeding the local and state standards for education that are set forth by the State of Florida, Grace Lutheran Church is continually improving on the requirements for preparing children to become leaders within the church and community. We set educational goals and objectives that can be measured and met with each course. Our experienced teaching staff gives each student the individual attention that they need to become successful.


There are two standards which guide the GLS curriculum: enhancing the faith life of our students and families and providing educational excellence. It is our belief that to fully understand academic subjects, one must understand the purpose, origin and author of life. This is done through the study and work of Jesus Christ and through the Holy Bible. Academic excellence is highly valued to set a standard that attempts to reflect Christ, offers children the best, and trains the next generation of Christian leaders.
The curriculum or course of study at GLS meets and/or exceeds the standards of local schools, the State of Florida, and the national standards of the national board of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, our governing body. At GLS, curriculum is the goals and objectives which provide the structure for each content area taught. Textbooks are the best resource we have found, to date, that assist the classroom teacher in achieving the majority of goals/objectives. Outside resources are added to complete the list of goals and objectives per course. The curriculum is available upon parent/guardian request.
GLS was founded to provide students a daily opportunity to hear and learn about the saving love of Jesus. In this tradition, all students enrolled in GLS are required to participate in religion class. Religion is not an option, but rather a privileged opportunity to hear the Gospel message.