Grace Lutheran Preschool programs are designed to establish foundations for success in Elementary, Middle School and beyond for lifelong learning. The curriculum and teaching methods give children an extraordinary advantage over traditional programs.

Program highlights

  1. Grace Lutheran Preschool curriculum is of the highest educational standards and pre-school children are exposed to the newest in educational technology.
  2. Critical pre-writing and pre-reading skills are practiced every day with a wide variety of methods to teach letters, numbers, shapes and vocabulary words. Children are prepared to excel in Kindergarten.
  3. Comprehensive Spanish program beginning at age 2. Emphasis includes grammar, conversational phrases and an appreciation for Hispanic culture.
  4. Teachers encourage daily outdoor play, social interaction, fitness and wellness. Children experience age appropriate activities on our playground.
  5. Music and movement is a regular course of study in Preschool. Students are exposed to music instruments, singing and are involved in church and school performances.
  6. School-wide weekly chapel visits support a well-balanced approach to a Christian education that strives to develop each child’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Wednesday at 9am, parents always welcome)
  7. Daily routines, reinforcement of basic values, and communication to parents create an extraordinary advantage in your child’s preparation for the next level of learning.