lutheran-life-smGrace has been invited to pilot a new program for anyone wanting to become a member or just wanting to learn more about the Lutheran Church in general. We have several opportunities coming up in which we’d like to invite you to participate:

  1. Life in God’s Grace – this class begins on Sunday, February 3, at 9:45AM in the 8th grade classroom. Taught by one of our called teachers, Eric Macke, it covers the basics of the Christian Faith from a Lutheran perspective. The course will run until Sunday, May 12.
  2. Lent with Pastor L – Our longtime Senior Pastor, Rev. Kevin Loughran, will be leading a discussion group on the sermons that will be preached during Lent. The group will meet from 6-6:45 PM and include a light soup and sandwich supper. These will be a part of the membership process at Grace, but are open to all who inquire. They are ideally designed for people with questions about Christianity in general, and Lutheranism in particular. Pastor Loughran is known for his gentle demeanor and non-threatening style of teaching. The first one of these sessions will be March 13.
  3. Seven Big Questions that People ask Sermon Series – Throughout the Sundays in Lent – starting on March 10th, Pastors Loughran and Mackowiak will preach on seven questions that people are asking about the Christian faith. The questions included are, “Does life have a purpose?”, “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” and “Can I know God personally?” among other topics. It’s a tough world, we all know it. These topics will provide a great starting point for discussions among those who want to find a respite from the whirlwind that surrounds them.