The Grace Conservatory of Fine Arts is a place where God is glorified through developing artistic ability. Christian teachers will inspire developmentally appropriate excellence in a creative and non-threatening environment. Students will be equipped with skills to use their God-given talents for career opportunities and for an appreciation of the fine arts.

Classes offered as an after school program for students of all ages and is open to the community.

Class Instruction Offered

All instructors have extensively studied their instrument and are very enthusiastic about teaching young students. Our faculty members either hold a bachelor’s degree or are currently working toward a bachelor’s degree. All instructors are Christians and adhere to the Mission and Vision of the Conservatory. A background check has also been completed on all faculty members.

Music Together Adult Guitar Class – adults ages 18 and up.
Music Together Family Class – children from birth to age 5, parents or grandparents of all ages
 Piano age 5 to adult. An acoustic piano or a digital keyboard with weighted keys is recommended for practice at home.
Guitar age 8 to adult.
Voice age 10 to adult.
Violin age 8 to adult.
Register early to ensure more options for available lesson times and classes. Registration fee is $20 per family per year for those signing up for private lessons. Lessons and classes will be held at Grace Lutheran Church and School at 4301 16th St. N. in St. Petersburg.
Weekly half hour lessons (adult or child) $80 per 4 weeks (books extra)
$20 per lesson. Payment is due to the instructor at the first lesson each month. We currently offer piano, guitar and voice lessons.  Piano  age 5 to adult. An acoustic piano or a digital keyboard with weighted keys is recommended for practice at home. Guitar Lessons age 8 to adult, and Voice Lessons age 10 to adult.


The Grace Conservatory of Fine Arts reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. Refunds will be given if the class has not yet begun. Teachers of the Conservatory must be notified if a student wishes to discontinue lessons or classes. Students who must withdraw for verified medical reasons will be charged only for classes through the point of withdrawal. Students will be charged for classes that occur prior to cancellation.

A 30-day written notice is required if a student wishes to terminate instruction. The student will be financially responsible for lessons that occur within the 30 days from the date notice is given.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher if a lesson is to be missed. If the teacher cannot be reached, the student should notify the music office, 727-527-6213 ext. 500 or 501 before 12 pm. Any lesson missed or cancelled by the instructor is the responsibility of the instructor to make up. Make-up lessons are only granted for an excused absence in which the instructor is notified at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time. An excused absence is: a) illness, b) extreme emergency. Only two student make-up lessons per semester will be offered.